Adrenaline & Sarbakan launch Tinymals for iOS

Montreal, Canada – June 20, 2014 – Adrenaline Amusements, a leading developer of a new breed of arcade video game machines, announced today that it has launched Tinymals for iOS, currently featured on the Apple Store:Ever thought you could become the caretaker of a pet dragon? Now you can, with Tinymals!

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It all starts with an egg. Gently tap on the shell and watch your very own pet dragon hatch before your eyes! Now that your new friend is finally here, let the most awesome and fun friendship begin! Play with your dragon, feed him, and, of course, pet him using simple touch screen gestures. The more you interact with him, the more he will grow attached to you and the more he will learn new tricks! This new update introduces TONS of new features to make your Tinymal experience even more awesome!

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