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Finn's Space Dream - Campbell Soup Co.

Finn's Space Dream - Campbell Soup Co.

Planet hop across the universe with Finn!

Grab your space suit and join Finn as he bounces from planet to planet, collecting space crystals to power his ship. Dodge asteroids, collect power-ups, defeat enemies, and discover the mysteries of outer space. There’s much to do and see, but the mission won’t be easy. Are you ready, astronaut?


  • Master 45 challenging levels
  • Discover Oinker—the rideable outer space battle hog
  • Collect stickers to keep Jubundees the Robot from self-destructing
  • Replay levels to get a three-star rating
  • Earn all 20 game badges
  • Find hidden planets
  • Unlock Finn’s dream before it airs on TV
  • Look for an updated level pack soon

*Mobile versions only available in US

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