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Banzai Blade


A powerful demon threatens to escape its mystical prison and spread evil across the land of Nihon. That's where you come in. Use your ninja skills and razor-sharp sword to cut the demon army down to size and defeat the Eternal Oni.

Banzai Blade is an exciting run-and-slash action game inspired by the super-natural feats accomplished by the heroes in traditional Chinese Wuxia movies. Banzai Blade is one of the few games out there that combines slash movements in a totally 3D rail environment. In Banzai Blade, you are a fearless Shinobi (ninja) with only one goal: you must bring back peace to the land of Nihon! Use your ninjutsu techniques to thwart the evil Dark Oni, who will stop at nothing to fulfill his dreams of complete domination over Nihon. Stop him—before it’s too late!

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